Saturday, December 1, 2012

One Second Wiggle Butt

When my pup gets super excited his butt wiggles.  He seems to have a sixth sense for when he is getting a treat or going outside to play.  This week I noticed this behavior in a couple of my students.  At the mere mention of a game or movement activity their whole body starts to wiggle.  Honestly they have me wrapped around their little fingers.  I have actually had students say "Ms. Elkins, I may get more out of this activity if we can activate my Bodily Kinesthetic learning personality." Who can argue with that? So that is when I invented "Mayhem".  I call it my Get Up and Go game that allows the students to practice their skills as they move and participate in healthy competition.  Long story short I spread problems around the room and the students race to solve as many as they can.  They LOVE IT! I give a prize to the student that accurately solves the most problems and a secondary prize to anyone that accomplishes my benchmark.  Some of my students know no matter how hard they work they will not get the most problems done. So by adding a secondary prize I meet their needs as well. For example I may say "Anyone that can accurately solves at least 10 problems gets a smelly sticker".  Smelly stickers are GOLD in my Middle School classroom.

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